TotalVision™ WebInspector® upgrade

January 01, 2018

Arctic Paper, Grycksbo, Sweden purchases

TotalVision™ WebInspector® upgrade for PM10

Vancouver, Canada (06 April, 2014) - Papertech is pleased to announce that Arctic Paper, Grycksbo mill in Sweden has placed an order for two WebInspector™ web inspection (WIS) systems to upgrade their Cognex SmartView® WIS units.Papertech will be replacing the Cognex cameras and lights with our state-of-art high definition digital matrix GigE cameras and high powered pulsed LED lights.

Since the introduction of WebInspector in 2004, following the success of hundreds of WebVision web monitoring (WMS) systems, it has proven to provide effective 100% sheet defect analysis on all types of paper grades. The WebInspector is uniquely designed to economically upgrade aging existing WIS units and can re-utilize existing structures significantly reducing the cost of the upgrade. Similar upgrades have been successfully completed on ABB and Roibox  (Honeywell) WIS units.

The PM10 WebInspector will upgrade the pre-coater and after coater WIS units. PM10 produces over 150,000 tons/year or high quality coated art papers, is 4.3 meters wide, and operates at speeds up to 1300m/min. PM10 is also equipped with a last year upgraded to digital WebVision® web monitoring system (WMS) with 12  cameras. The WebInspector WIS will be TotalVision™ integrated with the  WebVision into a single unified platform allowing easy and rapid defect to source analysis. The start-up is scheduled for August, 2014.

The Grycksbo mill is Papertech’s oldest European customer with our first  delivery taking place in 2000 for PM10. Since then Papertech has supplied WebVision systems to PM9 (2001) and PM7 (2004). The latest PM10 order includes an option for a WebInspector for PM7.

About Arctic Paper: Has a long tradition in papermaking. Together our four mills within the Arctic Paper S.A Group have many years of experience and expertise in making fine paper. Arctic Paper Grycksbo began in 1740, Arctic Paper Mochenwangen GmbH was established in 1868 with Arctic Paper Munkedals AB three years later and the mill in Kostrzyn in 1958. We are a paper group with a dedicated passion for making superior graphic fine paper for demanding fine paper users. See more at:

About Papertech Inc.: we are the industry-leading machine vision system supplier for web-based production lines. There are now over 700 TotalVision™ installations in 35 countries, with a record 80 systems sold in 2013.  Papertech’s unified TotalVision platform, combining event capturing (WMS) and web inspection (WIS), helps papermakers and tissue producers around the world optimize paper quality and production efficiency. See more at: