Acculog™ tissue log diameter measurement system for tissue converting lines

January 01, 2018

Acculog™ tissue log diameter measurement system for tissue converting lines

Acculog insures that every log is measured to one (1) millimeter diameter accuracy ensuring production is maintained within quality limits.

AccuLog is Papertech’s new software used for accurate measurement of diameter of any paper log before arriving in the packaging line.

With AccuLog, tissue producers can fully automate the log diameter measurement process and measure each log on-line with the highest accuracy and eliminate manual operator based methods.

As each log passes through the last stage of production before the log saw and packaging line, a set of Acculog cameras and lights placed above the log continuously measure the diameter. These readings are then sent to the machine management system. If the diameter measurement is outside the set limits, the log can be rejected or an alarm is triggered. Corrective action can be taken immediately.

Acculog Features

• Fully automated system, on-line system for measuring log diameter.

• Works with all log diameter sizes, paper/tissue qualities and colours.

• Measures the diameter of each log as it passes through the camera’s field of view.

• Diameter measurements outside of set limits trigger an error message that is sent to the machine control system and/or to the optional TotalVision™ operator station.

• Easy calibration and setup.

• Accuracy not affected by the travelling speed of logs.

• Basic kit includes: Fully enclosed TotalVision™ Distributed module, software, WebLED 

lighting, two digital cameras and lenses and all necessary hardware for mounting and setup.

AccuLog® screenshot showing different readings of log diameter from camera 1 & 2 and actual image of log


Benefits of Acculog

Minimizes or eliminates the need to manually measure the logs.

• Operator Time

• Diameter measurement can differ between different operators.

Increases machine up time.

• Generally, each time a log needs to be manually measured, the machine needs to slow down for the log to be loaded back into the machine.

• A machine that is changing speeds for manual log measurements, introduces tension fluctuations. These tensions changes can cause the machine to break out or errors to occur and the machine to shut down.

Assures that the logs are of the proper size.

• Oversize logs can cause jams on the converting machine.

• Oversize logs won’t fit into the dispensers.

• Undersize logs will give the customer the idea they are not getting their money’s worth.

Recognizes log diameter changes and trends and quickly take correction action.

• Viewing the log diameter history graphs, an operator can quickly detect log diameter hanges that can occur on a parent roll change.

• Machine speed changes can introduce log diameter changes which can quickly be detected on the log diameter history graphs.

Minimizes or eliminates rolls of the incorrect size getting out the door.

• An alarm can be used to let the operators know that out of spec logs are being produced.

• Out of spec logs can be automatically rejected by the system.