Tissue Converting Line

January 01, 2018

Tissue Converting Mill Upgrades existing WebVision® System to

include WebInspector™ and achieves Signifi cant Savings

WebVision and WebInspector - automatic location and notifi cation of defects


In 2006, a tissue converting organization was tasked with ensuring their newly installed Off Line Unit (OLU) fortissue manufacturing would meet stringent operating efficiency targets. After careful analysis, the organization determined a WebVision digital camera event capturing system from Papertech was the perfect tool to help them meet their targets. The 9 camera system provedto be successful and is used by the machine’s operators on a dailybasis to analyze and solve production and quality related faults


Papertech’s WebVision solution allows converting operations to monitor their processes for web breaks and defects. Papertech’s digital cameras, combined with the full-featured WebVision Digital software application, provide high speed and high resolution images which can be automatically analyzed to generate alarms when process problems occur. Captured breaks and defects can then be tracked to upstream video footage to determine their exact root cause. Highly scalable, WebVision has been designed to meet the varying needs of today’s tissue producers and converters, and is easily upgradeable to address needs well into the future.

New Challenge:

In early 2008, the tissue converting organization was looking to address a new initiative for solving product quality related issues. The organization once again turned to Papertech. Since the 2006 WebVision installation,Papertech had further developed the WebVision applicationsto encompass an additional solution called WebInspector. This new application enables WebVision cameras to continuously inspect the web for a range of defects which can be classifi ed by their type and size and then mapped onto a two-dimensional roll map. Defect images on a current or historical map canbe viewed at any time. Cameras can also be placed upstream in the process to search for the origin of the defect.


CASE STUDY:Tissue Converting Line

The Problem:

The tissue converting team identifi ed high variability in humidity in the OLU production room as the largest cause of their quality problems. This variability made it difficult for operators to control moisture levels intheOLU process. High moisture levels would cause condensation within the machine, which in turn would cause water to drop onto the web and create visible spots in the fi nal product.

The Solution:

Ultimately, the team chose to invest in both a WebInspector upgrade to their existing WebVision solution and a static Honeywell moisture gauge. The investment was justified based on an estimated elimination of 8 tons of product rejects per month which would result in significant operating savings. These savings would be achieved through immediate notifi cation by the WebInspector of successive water drops as well as data on where the drops were occurring within the machine. Upon notifi cation, operators would check the moisture gauge reading and adjust the machine speed to optimize sheet drying and eliminate the dripping of water

The Results:

Papertech’s WebVision and WebInspector solutions have surpassed all expectations. Dryer hood drips are now easily monitored and eliminated. In addition, WebInspector also detects brown drips which occur from various shields after a system blow-out Overall, the combined WebVision and WebInspector solutions together with the new moisture gauge are saving the tissue converting company a record 31 tons of rejects on a monthly basis – results that far exceeded the estimated savings of the project and that have made the management team extremely satisfi ed with their investment.