Roibox WIS upgrade with WebInspector

January 01, 2018
KapStone, Longview, WA, PM5
Roibox WIS upgrade with WebInspector®
complete with existing WebVision® TotalVision™ integration

PM5 Details

Mill: KapStone Paper, Longview, WA, USA
PM Number: 5
Paper Grade: Packaging & specialties
Paper colours: white, pink, brown, black
Basis Weight: 75 to 300g/m2
Sheet Width at reel: 4800 mm
Machine speed: 250 to 610m/min
WebInspector: 5 x GC1290, 1280x960@32 to 285fps
Pixel resolution: 0.77mm/pixel
WebInspector location: Ahead of reel, rebuild of existing 2001 Honeywell Roibox unit
Start-up: September, 2013

Justification for TotalVision™ upgrade

-  Improved defect detection performance: smaller size, better classification, higher speed, more memory, more software features

-  Better event capturing (WebVision) image quality & speed in key locations

-  Better diagnosing of root causes of sheet breaks

-  Ability to analyze past defect reels many hours after they were analyzed

-  Provide more real-time data about product being made

-  Replace proprietary hard to maintain system with off-the-shelf standard WIS using a common camera and interface platform for all WMS and WIS components = TotalVision


TotalVision Benefits Achieved

Roibox to WebInspector WIS upgrade 

- Improved defect detection
- Improved defect classification
- Improved defect detection speed
- Much improved software functionality operating in Windows7 platform
- Full TotalVision integration with WebVision allowing rapid & accurate identification of defect root causes right to the wet-end
- Improve winder efficiency with detailed reel maps for winder runnability optimization
- Increase accuracy of edge marking 

Important benefit:
- Existing inspection beam and light source reused to significantly reduce overall project cost
  - lower system cost, lower installation cost



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