Substitute fuels

Substitute fuels

The aim of ANDRITZ MeWa recycling plants is to separate the organic from the non-organic components of waste. Organic materials are processed to make high-grade humus. The residues are separated out into re-usable fractions such as metals, glass, paper, plastics, minerals, and textiles.

Non re-usable materials that nevertheless have high calorific values are processed by the ANDRITZ MeWa systems to make substitute fuels. These are transformed into usable energy in large-scale power plants or in the cement industry



Plant concept - small solution


Configuration :  Overband magnet

- Fe-Separation after Pre-shredding
- Material is contaminated with plastics
- Metal cleaning in the QZ line


Configuration :  Sieving and shifting 
Output fraction after drum screen

Configuration :  Sieving and shifting
Output fractions after wind sifter

Configuration :  Automatic sorting
Output fractions after automatic sorting and sorting cabin

Configuration :  Granulating ans separating

Configuration :  Metals output
Output metal fractions after granulating and separating

Configuration :  RDF output
RDF depending on screen size 10 - 90 mm

Configuration :  Metal cleaning
Output Genuine fractions of metals and recycling materials