The world first filter less filter that can provide ultra clean compress air

eSeprator is better than HEPA (H13) filter 1,000 times while it need no filter for replacement or maintenance. Thanks for our Tandem CycloneTM system everything (Water, moisture, Oil, tiny particle) can be separated out in one shot.

Our product has been using in many well-known company especially in food and beverage industry.

Our product is Certified ISO 12500 (Filter for compress air standard) Pass the test of Heavy Metal Contamination Comply with HACCP


  • Clean compress air at ULPA filter efficiency of 99.9997(U16 class)
  • Efficiency of filter always stable
  • Very low pressure drop
  • No filter element to change
  • Completely filter out moisture, oil, particle and everything else


1. Certified by ISO 12500 for removal efficiency of 99.9997%.

2. The effect of removing microorganisms is excellent.

3. The dissolution specification report has been certified. (No heavy metal detected)

4. Element-less, no periodic replacement required (no extra cost)

5. There is no secondary contamination as there is no element. (Improve compressed air quality)

6. Since there is no element, the differential pressure is small. (Reduction of power cost)

7. Two types of drain types can automatically discharge foreign substances.