VIBRATING SEPARATOR also know as Vibrating screen, Round-Vibrating separator

It is commonly used for separating particle into two groups or more of particle size. For example, screening dry starch before feeding into packing machine, classified product into different size, etc. The machine is suitable for both wet and dry separation. AMKCO Vibrating separator is famous for its high efficiency and low energy consumption.


AMKCO Vibrating Separator is working by the principle of continuously separating feed-in material by its sizing. The separation is done by mesh screen which variety of screen opening size is available to be selected. The particle that smaller than screen opening will pass through screen while bigger size particle will retain on screen. To illustrate, the vibrating separator working principle is similar to you doing hand sieving of flour when making bakery, but our vibrating separator can work automatically and adjustably in a more sophisticated way. Our machine can be designed to work in a variety of functions. For example, i) removal of a small percentage of oversize from a product (Scalping) ii) removal of a small percentage of fines from a product (De-dusting) iii) separation of particles by size into two or more products iv) removal of solid from a liquid (Dewatering and Filtering) AMKCO Vibrating separator is not an ordinary circular vibrating screen, but it is a unique and ideal separation technology which includes a vertical mounted motor to facilitate “3D-Motion” composed of circular and elliptic motions in horizontal, vertical and inclined planes. The AMKCO Separator achieves superb performance in sieving dry or wet products having a variety of properties, shape and sizes. The product flow pattern can be adjusted by varying the phase angle between the weights. This allows AMKCO vibrating separator to always adapt to suit each different product. As a result, the good product that slips out to with reject can be minimized.


Machine Design Sample

Our Vibrating separator is not another ordinary round-vibrating separator in the market. Our process and design engineer can create machine in variety of size and design that would be suitable with your working conditions. You can contact us and consult with our expert team.

Standard machine

Standard machine

AMKCO vibratory separators are suitable for both dry and wet sieve applications. The AMKCO Standard vibratory separator can be used for a very broad range of applications.

De-dusting machine

De-dusting machine

The removal of dust is perhaps the most difficult sieving task. Most of the product can be found on the screen and hinders the supply of new product. The trick to de-dusting is increasing the discharge capacity and, in particular, the discharge capacity of the product on the screen. The AMKCO De-dusting machine is perfect for this!

Multi-Deck machine

Multi-Deck machine

Classification is one of the disciplines for which a vibratory separator is used. In addition to removing contaminants from liquid or powder, a vibratory separator is regularly used to split a product into multiple fractions.

Auxiliary system

Auxiliary system

The AMKCO "Auxiliary Systems" vibratory separator provides the opportunity to increase the screen surface of an existing machine or to install a vibratory separator that requires relatively small floor space compared to the available screen area.

Scalper machine

Scalper machine

The AMKCO Scalper machine is deployed in situations where a large amount of product must be separated from a small amount of foreign matter.

Straight-Flo machine

Straight-Flo machine

An AMKCO Straight Flo machine is often used as a final “police screen” over, for example, a Big-Bag filling unit, bulk truck or under a bag-emptying-machine. Because the vibratory motors are mounted on the side of the AMKCO Straight Flo machine, the product can drop through the machine in a straight line. This ensures high capacity, but is also subject to some restrictions.

Accessories for Vibrating Separator

To increase efficiency and productivity of the machine, our design team can select and recommend suitable accessories for your process.

Accessories for vibrating separator


Screen cleaning system is available including but not limited to belows ;

Bouncing ball

The bouncing ball flex the screen slightly, dislodge material that may be stuck in the wires, and also lifts the material to keep it flowing.

Slider (Screen cleaning ring)

2. SLIDER (Screen Cleaning Ring)
Vibration of the separator causes the sliders to rub against the bottom surface of the screen. The action helps prevent screen blinding by creating shearing forces that cut fibers and scrape away gummy materials.


The ultrsonic system is effective particulary with very fine poweder product.

Other Accessories

Lifting system

Lifting System
Lifting system help with lift up frame of vibrating separator machine. It is very easy and convinient to open check screen condiition and change screen.



After Sales Service

Besides our quality product, we also focus on our professional afrersales service. Our service is tot make sure that our machine will always work at its best condition, so our customer can rely on our machien for production.
We have Preventive maintenace Inspection and Analysis program. With a set of standard checking, our customer will benefit with
1. Machine quality control according to ISO 9001/2015
2. Machine work at its best performance
3. Reduce waste from accident stop production, waste and energy
4. Reduce cost and breakdown time
5. Can plan your production

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AMKCO machines are widely accepted in the market. Our machine can handle high capacity while low power consumption. Our machine is built to last.

Customize machine for you

We are not another ordinary machine supplier. Our machine is customizable to suit with your process requirement. With our long-time experience, we focus on select each component to best fit with your application.

Quality of Machine

Our material is light yet tough against vibrating force. Our standard stainless steel material is come with special surface finsih ‘Glass Shot Peening’. This increase fatigue life, increase resistance to corrosion and easy to cleaning. Moreover, this surface tratment finish comply with food grade standard, so our customer will enjoy benefit of tough material while assure compliance in food contact standard. In addition, our design is optimum. We successfully balance the toughness of material and material weight, so our machine frame is light which consequently in low power consumption.

Professional Team

Our team can help you from start till always the very end. Our team can help you with giving recommendation on installation and commissioning machine. Then, superior aftersales service and preventive maintenance checking, so that your machine will run at best efficiency without unnecessary downtime.

Local support from AMKCO SIAM

With long time collaboration with AMKCO and high population of AMKCO machine in Thailand, AMKCO decide to establish facility in Thailand which is AMKCO SIAM.
AMKCO SIAM main role is to support keeping critical and consumable spare part. It also a local facility to manufacture new spare screen or repair old screen from customer. The screen is one of the most critical part for Vibrating separator. Having local facility for making screen can benefit all our customer.

Laboratory and Demo

We have our own application lab to analyze your product sample. Finding particle size distribution of your sample is a critical factor to design machine and choose the right screen opening for you.
We also have demo vibrating separator unit that you can bring your product to test and see result by yourself. You can bring sample to our site or request for onsite testing.


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