FILTER CLOTH, also known as industrial filter fabric or wastewater filter cloth, is a crucial material used in various types of industrial facilities. These include the sugar industry, starch industry, food industry, petrochemical plants, animal feed production facilities, edible factories, and more.

The primary function of industrial filter cloth is to separate solids from liquids, employing the fabric as a barrier or as facilitator to forming cake layer. The efficiency of capturing particles, whether small or large, depends on the pore size of the fabric or the air permeability of the filter cloth.

Principle of Filter Cloth

The operation of industrial filter cloth is a critical process employed in various industries to separate solids from liquids. Filter cloths play a pivotal role in enabling solid materials to coalesce and facilitate the filtration process. In this filtration process, slurry, a liquid containing suspended solids, may be passed through any filtration machines such as filter presses or other specialized filtration equipment, depending on the industry's requirements.

In the initial stages of this filtration process, small particles flow through the filter cloth, while larger particles are retained on the cloth's surface. Over time, a layer of cake, composed of these larger particles, accumulates on the filter cloth. This cake layer acts as an additional filter for smaller particles, progressively enhancing filtration efficiency. The cake layer obtained from this process is referred to as "CAKE," while the filtered liquid that passes through the filter cloth is known as "FILTRATE."

Key considerations for customers in the filtration process include:

  1. Filtrate Clarity The quality of the liquid after passing through the filter cloth.
  2. Filtration Time The duration required for the filtration process.
  3. Cake Release The ease of removing the cake from the filter cloth after completing the filtration.
  4. Clogging Prevention Measures to prevent the clogging of the filter cloth.
  5. Cake Moisture The moisture content of the cake after the filtration process.

Type of Filter Cloth

Industrial filter fabrics are composed of a variety of materials designed to suit the specific filtration needs of each application. These filter fabrics can be categorized into three main types based on their fabric characteristics, as follows

Close mesh

1. Close Mesh Filter Cloth

Close mesh filter cloths are intricately woven with minimal gaps between threads, ensuring exceptional filtration efficiency. They are ideal for depth filtration and cake filtration.

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open mesh

2. Open Mesh Filter Cloth

Open Mesh filter fabric features a wide-open weave pattern, designed for precision in separation processes. Our fabric is manufactured to maintain consistent and micron-precise aperture sizes, making it suitable for Surface Filtration applications.

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3. Felt (Non-Woven Filter Cloth)

Felt filter cloths are crafted by bonding fibers instead of weaving them, resulting in exceptional filtration efficiency. They are especially well-suited for depth filtration.

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Product Type by Machine

We specialize in the art of creating custom filter cloths meticulously tailored to seamlessly use with your filtration machine, regardless of its brand or size. Your unique requirements are met with our expertise.

ผ้ากรองสำหรับเครื่อง Filter Press

Filter Press Machine

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ผ้ากรองสำหรับเครื่อง Leaf Filter

Leaf Filter

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ผ้ากรองสำหรับเครื่อง Centrifuge Machine

Centrifuge Machine

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ผ้ากรองสำหรับเครื่อง Turbo Filter

Turbo Filter

ผ้ากรองสำหรับเครื่อง Candle Filter

Candle Filter

ผ้ากรองสำหรับเครื่อง Disc Filter

Disc Filter

ผ้ากรองสำหรับเครื่อง Diastar Filter

Diastar Filter

ผ้ากรองสำหรับ Liquid Bag Filter

Liquid Bag Filter

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Why choose us?

1. Wide Range of Filter Cloth Options

At WESTON MYER LTD, we recognize that every filtration challenge is unique. That's why we offer an extensive selection of high-quality filter clothes, carefully curated to cater to diverse industrial needs. Whether you require specialized materials for food processing, wastewater treatment, or chemical applications, we have the ideal filter cloth to meet your specific requirements.

2. Cutting-Edge Fabrication Techniques

Our commitment to excellence extends to our state-of-the-art fabrication processes. We utilize advanced manufacturing technologies and adhere to stringent quality control standards to ensure that every filter cloth we produce delivers superior performance and durability. When you choose WESTON MYER LTD, you're selecting a partner who stays at the forefront of filtration innovation.

3. WESTEK Team - Experienced and Expert Team

Behind every exceptional product is a team of dedicated professionals. At WESTON MYER LTD, our skilled and knowledgeable experts are here to support you at every step of your filtration journey. From selecting the right filter cloth to providing technical assistance, our team is committed to ensuring your success. Rely on us for unmatched expertise in the field.

4. Food-Grade Filtration Solutions

For industries requiring food-grade filtration, we offer a specialized range of filter cloth products that comply with the international food-grade standards such as USFDA and EU10/2011. Whether you're in the food and beverage sector or pharmaceuticals, our food-grade filter cloths are designed to meet your compliance and quality needs, giving you peace of mind in your processes.

5. Complimentary Sample and Lab Trials

We understand that choosing the right filter cloth is a crucial decision. That's why we are able to offer free samples for you to assess the quality and suitability of our products. Additionally, our dedicated WESTEK laboratory is available to conduct trials, ensuring that our filter cloths seamlessly integrate into your operations. We believe in the effectiveness of our solutions, and we invite you to experience them firsthand, risk-free.

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