MEX-3™ Pressure Detector




Dynamic measuring cells in the detector sense changes in pressure. Once pre-programmed pressure values are exceeded, the detector reacts within microseconds to raise an alarm. The MEX Detector has up to two ceramic sensors within a single, solid housing. This is the only detector with algorithmic-based output and decision-making logic based on full-scale explosion tests, expert knowledge and application experience. The output and decision logic provides the highest detection security by evaluating the difference between an explosion pressure rise and process pressure variations. The ceramic cell sensors make the detector more resistant to mechanical damage and corrosive dusts, gases and liquids. By means of a field terminal box (“FAB”) the MEX Detector can be connected to various control units.

Competitive advantages of the MEX Detector include:

Dynamic pressure detection based on the characteristic temporal profile of pressure increase associated with confined explosion occurrences. This significantly increases false alarm immunity as well as detection security.

Utilizes two pressure-sensing cells to increase detection security and redundancy.

Field-programmable unit to accommodate a wide range of hazard and process conditions. Also features a history buffer for programming set point during commissioning as well as diagnosis of incident after actuation.