siaslide pad system

The innovation for consistent sanding precision The new feature is the sanding shoe with the innovative siaslide pad, making life considerably easier for the user. Time- consuming fitting of the abrasive is a thing of the past with the siaslide pad system, because the permanently installed sanding platen (aluminium beam) remains in the machine even when the siaslide pads are being changed.

The ready-to-use pad – comprising a wooden carrier and a support backing with graphite – is simply pushed into the shoe. This ease of handling speeds up the work process as a result of shorter machine changeover times. An  additional benefit is the elimination of expensive  maintenance and spare-parts costs. Users can enjoy consistent precision in the sanding process, with perfect results on the workpiece. A positive side effect is that the siaslide pad can be disposed of or recycled on site.

The siaslide pad system is an ideal complement to the top Swiss quality siapan high-tech belts.