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“SIASPONGE” from SIA Abrasive which has been developed with advanced and environmentally friendly technology. Enhances polishing for perfect surface High flexibility can be adapted to profile arcs, hard-to-reach areas, with longer lifetimes.
It can be used for dry sanding and wet sanding applications, suitable for all industries such as furniture, automotive manufacturing and parts, garages, plastics, composites, ceramics, etc.


When sanding with foam abrasives, the focus is not only on removing as much material as possible. It is vital to achieve a smooth and even result when preparing surfaces for subsequent painting or varnishing. If the goal is to achieve a perfect workpiece surface finish with low scratch depth, applying pressure in two dimensions when sanding (such as using conventional sandpaper) is not enough, for example when using paper-backed abrasives.

Instead, pressure needs to be applied in three dimensions. Force can be applied in three dimensions by using the foam as the carrier material in connection with a flexible binder resin. This allows the grit to dissipate the contact pressure along a Z-axis. Advantage: The abrasive grit does not cut into the material as deeply and breaks off less. As such, less material is removed and no sanding through of the material occurs at the edges. Instead, we achieve a homogeneous surface.

SIA Abrasives – Why Foam Abrasives?

Foam Abrasives with perfect finish, highest flexibility and longest lifetime

USP for user

What means hard-to-reach areas?

User needs – hard-to-reach areas require flexible abrasives with smooth finish

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